Mini's & Models

Whether you're painting up a fresh company of troops to top up your army with or just getting your feet wet we've got you covered.

Experience design at scale

Bring the towering mechs, masses of soldiers and hulking spaceships of your favorite models to life with your paint and breathe life into your tabletop!


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Painted Warhammer Miniatures
Warhammer Unclipped Miniature

Learn to build
like a pro

Before you can paint you’ll need to construct your models from their components, find all the best tips and tricks to making the build process that much easier.

Get Building your kit today

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Paint models like Michelangelo

Gone are your days of solid colors and blotchy ink blobs, learn how to master shading, texture, contrast, coloring and so much more!

wiEld your brush

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Miniature Being Painted

Learn to paint miniatures in 6 simple steps


Step 1: cutting

Learn how to Cut your model out of it's moulding, trim it down and even scar and dent your models to add that extra layer of depth to their armor of the field.

Caulking Gun

STEP 2: Glueing

Learn how to Glue your models together without having to soak your fingers in acetone every 5 minutes!

Large Paint Brush

STEP 3: Priming

Learn how to Prime your models applying a foundational layer creating a pop-through shine.

Paint Bucket

STEP 4: Base Coats

Learn how to Base coat, applying the core colors to your model. This stage can be done in several layers to enhance the level of detail on a model!

Fine Paint Brush

STEP 5: Wash Coat

Learn how to wash, applying light transparent paint to add an enhanced level of depth to your models.

STEP 6: Finishing's

Learn how to Finish your miniatures after they've been painted by adding terrain, shine and much more!

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Make a beautiful MODEL

Get started today, with our beginners painting kit! Included is a full tutorial guide alongside all of the materials required to go from start to finish on your first model all in one convenient package!

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