How to Build & Paint Miniatures: Step 3: Priming

PRiming your Miiniature

Cassius Fragomeni but in a sketch

Written By: Cassius Fragomeni

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Required Tools Sponge Brush, Priming Brush, Cutting Mat, Paint Primer, Building Tray Optional Spraypaint Kit
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Sponge Brush|Priming Brush|Paint Primer|Spraypaint Kit|Building Tray

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Laying down the base

We’ve got our miniature all assembled now and it’s time to start slinging some paint! The first thing you’ll want to take note of is that your primed layer will have an effect on the layers above it. If you want a darker miniature priming in black is of course the key whereas lighter colors will brighten up the model.🎨

🔥The only thing to watch out for is pools of paint :D!🔥

Whichever tool you chose your priming method will be the same except for spray painting which is a thing entirely on it’s own and a full guide and tutorial for that can be found right here. Get your paint splattered onto your tray and have your water cup ready, you’ll want to first water on your brush and squeeze it out to dampen it.

With your brush damp simply scoop up some paint and apply liberally to the surface of the model there will be some pooling in various areas be sure to use your sponge brush to absorb any excess paint and once the model is completely covered your done!


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God Emporer Of Mankind Crying Salty Tears or Sorrow 
“this is only the first layer how many more layers before I can purge the heretics ?”


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