How to Build & Paint Miniatures: Step 2 GLUEING

Glueing the Miniature

Cassius Fragomeni but in a sketch

Written By: Cassius Fragomeni

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Required Tools Miniature Glue, Exacto Knife, Cutting Mat, Filing Rod, Building Tray
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Miniature Glue|Exacto Knife|Cutting Mat|Filing Rod|Building Tray

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time to assemble the miniature

The sprue is all done and dealt with you’ve finished cutting all your parts and now it’s time to put them together, you’ll want to be careful as not only does the glue love hands more than it loves plastic if you make a mistake pulling it apart will often result in damage to the plastic. 😓

🔥We suggest nitrile gloves while handling super glue!!🔥

If you hadn’t already cleaned up the edges of your miniatures now is the time we suggest you begin to trim the bits down now as attempting to do so after the model is more put together can result in some unwanted damage to the other parts!

Finally the trick I use to glueing is simply to place the bottle on a table and squeeze lightly so a droplet of glue sits on the top of the nozzle, then simply touch the area you want glue applied on to get just the right amount without any excess!

After that you simply attach the part, you have a few moments before the glue hardens to slide the part around if you misalign things so don’t stress, once you’ve got it in place simply rotate the miniature to allow gravity to do it’s work keeping it together, or use light pressure to hold the part in place for a few seconds until it dries!


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“How will i free my fingers from the pain of this heretical super glue?”
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